Now, Real Madrid Fans Worldwide Can  Bring their Favorite Players — like Cristiano Ronaldo, Ángel Di María, Mesut Özil, and Sergio Ramos — to Life; Hang out and Talk to the Players; and Share their Creations via Social Media.

Madrid, December 18th, 2011. Real Madrid, Digital Artists Entertainment and Imagine800 announce the worldwide release of a new app for iPhone & iPad users that will delight fans young and old alike. “Real Madrid Talking Players” lets users choose their favorite player, record their speech, then watch a 3D animated video of the player repeating their every word! The app is a free download, with one player available for free and three players available for purchase.

Ever dream of having Cristiano Ronaldo sing Happy Birthday on your Facebook page? Or have Sergio Ramos tell your friends what a great footballer you are? Now you can! The app also features a pitch slider, which lets you make your voice squeak like a mouse or bellow like a baritone! Fans can share their creations immediately with friends via email and Facebook.

Real Madrid Talking Players App for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad

The app also empowers users to trigger bonus action-abilities for each player. Ask Ozil to juggle a ball with his head, or scare your friends when Ramos’ swift kick virtually shatters the glass of your iPhone!

Additionally, Real Madrid is working on new versions to launch within the following weeks. Soon users will be able to receive notifications of Real Madrid goals as they happen, etc!

With five official mobile applications and over 21 million Facebook followers, Real Madrid is one of the most innovative and active sports franchises in digital media. “We are thrilled to release this new app to our 300 million worldwide fans. We believe it will bring many hours of enjoyment and laughter as they create and share videos with each other,» commented Pedro Duarte, New Media Manager from Madrid.

“Real Madrid Talking Players” is published by Real Madrid and its worldwide mobile applications licensee, Digital Artists Entertainment, a creator of socially-powered digital content platforms for premier global sports & entertainment franchises. “This app is a great example of how sports teams can use mobile content for monetization, IP evolution and deeper, more personalized fan engagement with their brands across digital platforms,” said Scott Rupp, CEO of Digital Artists.

“Real Madrid Talking Players” is developed by Imagine800, a company with years of experience creating high quality apps for top brands”

Download Real Madrid clicking here from your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad

About Real Madrid

With 31 Spanish Liga titles and 9 UEFA Champion League cups, Real Madrid is the most successful football team of all times. It was voted the most successful football club in the 20th century by the FIFA. Founded in 1902, its headquarters are situated in Santiago Bernabéu Stadium in the city of Madrid.

About Digital Artists Entertainment Inc.

Digital Artists Entertainment, Inc. creates socially-powered digital content platforms for premier global sports & entertainment franchises, such as Real Madrid and Cristiano Ronaldo. Using a total-picture view of the digital business opportunity, Digital Artists helps premier franchises monetize mobile, social, and digital video content; activate, expand & monetize their social media networks; and maximize their audience across screens and geographies.

About Imagine800

Imagine800 is a technology developer and multimedia operator. The company specialises in the design, development and maintenance of applications for mobile and Internet, and their integration with any information and content management system.

Imagine800 helps their customers to reach more users and to keep a better relationship based on Social Media, Video Technologies and very innovative CRM Techniques.


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