Our participation on SECAS Project (Speech Enabled Customer Analytics System)

Since April the 1st, 2015, until April the 1st, 2018, and from its offices in Llanera (Asturias – Spain) Imagine800 has been involved in a Research and Development project within the EUREKA program, called SECAS (Speech Enabled Customer Analytics System).

The project has been carried out together with other two companies:

  • SESTEK A.S. From Turkey.
  • Edosoft Factory S.L. From Spain

Customer satisfaction is one of the main goals in business life. It is therefore critical to analyse and follow the trends of the customer behaviours. Interaction records from various channels such as call centers, social media or web may give us an idea about the behaviour of the customer. However due to the high amount of captured records, it is a challenge to analyse the collected data and to use the outputs for the improvement of customer satisfaction.

SECAS project aims to develop a multi-modular system which collect, evaluate, analyse and report the multichannel interaction data by using speech and communication technologies. These data is gathered directly from customers through customer feedback and/or indirectly from several sources like phone records, social media or web platforms. System database consists of both speech and text data. Thus, project activities include both speech processing and text mining technologies.

The end system is an integrated platform that consists of various modules that have different features to support it. Main part of the project is focused on analysis of speech data between agent and customer in terms of mentioned topics, voice and conversation quality, mood during the dialogue and the words passed. In the meantime, customer comments from different social media platforms are gathered and new tools were designed to operate the analysis of the data. Client and admin interfaces were designed to use and manage the system. System was optimised starting from the databases. Finally, integration process followed the studies. The system also enables the call center supervisors to determine the optimum agent features and use the patterns to train other agents. By means of the designed automatic tools, it is possible to evaluate and hire the right agents, for example, during the interview of the new job applications.

The main roles of the involved companies was:

  • Sestek’s prior role is designing social media and speech analytics mechanisms and the support modules that interoperate with them. Sestek had an existing speech analytics platform and by this project, it has been improved and adapted to the system. Besides the offline system, an online speech analytics system has been designed to monitor ongoing interactions and report instantly. On the other hand, a new social media analytics platform has been developed to analyse and evaluate the interactions on Social Networks as Facebook and Twitter. There are three target languages to be supported by the system: English, Spanish and Turkish. Within this context speech recognition module is adapted to Spanish.
  • It is a truth universally acknowledged that the security and privacy fields are a priority in the EU, therefore it has become a must for Edosoft Factory S.L. It is necessary to provide a secure and trustful channel between the different technologies which are used along the project. To cover this issue, the technological contribution of Edosoft in the SECAS project is the security module.
    Edosoft expertise includes the development of technology, management and study of the requirements for the progress of research projects. This expertise has actually been implemented in several national and international R&D projects, giving them the necessary competencies to face these types of challenges. Accordingly, Edosoft was in charge of the complete study of the security module, analysis of the most appropriate methods of protection, making a proposal and documenting it.
  • Imagine800‘s contribution to SECAS project is based on three main point:
    1. Provide Videocall features to the end product.
    2. Provide web-browser, iOS and Android clients.
    3. Colaborate on Spanish adaptation of general product.

Imagine800’s experience on video comes from the creation of the company in 2006. First services launched by Imagine800 were based on H-324M Videocall for 3G networks. Those «legacy» services were extended to current technology when smartphones, tablets and multimedia web services were standardised on the new «all-IP era». IP videocall services are integrated on SECAS project by Imagine800, so a new layer of video services are provided and a standard call center may be transformed into a video contact center. Imagine800 provided SECAS project with the API (backend access services) and front (iOS, Android and web-browser clients), so all analytics features may apply as well to videocalls communications. An additional feature provided by Imagine800 consisted of recording both directions of the videocall (audio and video), so analytics of the sessions may be done over the stored data. Regarding clients, Imagine800 provided a complete set of software for native iOS, native Android and web-browser kit. These software clients are able to make an IP videocall to the backend services (video-contact-center) and much information may be gathered from the user’s device:

– handset manufacturer

– model

– operating system version

– country

– language



– Geoposition (if allowed) – etc .

The videocall technology used on this process is based on SIP and WebRTC protocols / standards.

An additional service provided by Imagine800 on this project is the adaptation of the general parts of SECAS to the Spanish language and market characteristics.

The total budged for the project is 323 076 EUR and it has been possible to carry it out thanks to the financial and operational support of:



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