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The State Of iOS Mobile Apps

As the most active and diverse mobile app ecosystem in existence, Apple’s App Store is a thriving marketplace that gets larger and more powerful each and every day.  Mobile app discovery engine “App of the Day” analyzed the numbers to put together an awesome infographic on the “state of the iOS app store.”

While many of the stats aren’t so surprising, there’s still some interesting tidbits.  For example, the data shows 67% of all apps in the App Store are paid apps, with roughly half of all apps costing less than $3.00.   The vast majority of these apps are for the iPhone, with a whopping 85% being iPhone-only.  Only 8% of all apps are “universal” apps, meaning they’re tailored for both the iPhone and iPad.  I would have guessed a much higher percentage of apps would be universal considering the iPad’s popularity.

Books beat out games as the top category for apps in Apple’s marketplace, according to the data, with the average costs of books being $5.  The average price for gaming apps was around the $1 mark, while medical applications had the highest average cost at $7.  Also notable is the fact that Facebook is the only app in the App Store with over 1 million ratings, and the fact that there’s currently 62,126 unique developers using the iOS platform.  Impressive.

Stats on AppStore

Stats on AppStore

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