Voice services

IVR (Interactive Voice Response):

Servicios de VozOur interactive, fully automatic, call receiving system allows for mass answering of calls. Some of our system’s features:

  • Agility and flexibility in switching between interactive menus.
  • Reduces waiting queues and turnaround times.
  • Real-time control of statistics.
  • Connectivity via IP (SIP, Skype, Google Talk)with customer service agents in charge of providing the service –> Cost of termination of calls 0?.
  • ASR (Automatic speech recognition): Voice recognition for the data introduction or IVR navigation.
  • TTS (Text to Speech): Automatic conversion of text to voice –> Generation of the audit content in real time and from any text (BBDD, RSS, web, etc.).
  • Integration with the credit card payment system via our TPV platform.


  • Without having to install additional equipment in your offices.
  • Does not need an Internet or computer connection; simply access via your fixed telephone or usual mobile phone.


Our automatic call sending tools allows you to conduct a massive call campaign in a short period of time. Thousands of customers can be contacted in a couple of minutes, with different purposes, from asking their opinion or making an enquiry, congratulate them on their birthday or remind them of an appointment with their doctor.
Campaigns are configured via a web and these remained programmed; so there will be no need to worry about the time they are supposed to be launched.
The applications are limitless:

  • Mobile Marketing
  • Customer management
  • Corporate tools

The 803 / 806 / 807, 905, 902 or 900 lines:

We offer all types of numbers. Contact us for more information on the terms and remunerations and we will answer as soon as possible.