The increased broadband in Internet accesses, the improvement of audio and video codecs have transformed the videoconference services into a real and quality service.
For companies using this service it has translated to considerable savings in travelling costs, both monetary and time..
Moreover, it also offers a series of clear benefits:

  • Increases your staff’s productivity thanks to the frequency, rapidity and agility of communications within the company.
  • The improvement of communication adds a feeling of belonging to an organization and increases staff fidelity.
  • Makes it possible to unify methods where the existence of multiple branches has led to different work methods.
  • Generates new working methods by promoting interpersonal coordination.
  • Assists in change management processes.

As integrators of multimedia communication technologies, Imagine800 offers its customers:

  • Videoconference equipment of high definition
  • .

  • SIP Customer software for videoconference via PC.
  • Own infrastructure to provide managed video communication services (e.g.: MCU, Gateways 3G-ISDN-IP)
  • .

  • Connectivity with the 3G, Web and ISDN
  • mobile world

Imagine800 offers a turnkey service that includes the supply, installation and integration of the whole video infrastructure, as well as maintenance and support.