Ejemplos de servicios SMS

SMS Viewer

  • Messages sent are displayed on television
  • Imagine800 provides the software and the equipment
  • With a moderator that filters messages with inappropriate contents, although this can also be done automatically through word blacklists
  • Messages can be displayed with different marquee effects

SMS Chat

  • Like with the SMS viewer, messages are displayed on television
  • Users invite other users to chat and communicate through the platform (premium login)
  • With the possibility of including an operator to answer the messages, through the web, making users send more and more SMSs

Contests and polls

  • With the aid of the management tool contests and polls can be easily set-up
  • Users participate by including key words in their messages
  • Real-time viewing of poll results and statistics

More examples?

  • SMS to web
  • SMS to push
  • SMS to mail
  • ?