Internet & Mobile TV

Imagine800 integrates in its product portfolio a web and mobile phone based (Broadband Web & Mobile TV) television solution. This is an integral video management solution for Internet and Mobile phones, which makes it possible to offer Web TV, Mobile TV and web 2.0 video portal channels.

The video is perceived by the user as an added value information media, which in turn produces increased audience rates and user fidelity.

Broadband Web & Mobile TV is a fast implementation, low cost tool of easy and centralized management.

The Broadband Web & Mobile TV can be displayed using two models:

  • Model of display on the customer’s communication network (difficult to dimension when potential audiences cannot be determined).
  • Model based on CDN network integration. Due to its technology

Broadband Web & Mobile TV is integrated to the full satisfaction of the most important market’s CDN (Akamai, Velocix, etc.). This model is suitable for global broadcasting situations where connection demand is unknown.

Broadband Web & Mobile TV minimizes the launching time of On Demand Services providing revenues and alternative business models.

Broadband Web & Mobile TV comprises different modules, to provide functional versatility in:

  • The management and reproduction of videos in the portal.
  • The programming of grids and reproduction of Internet TV event channels.

The management of advertising associated to the video portals and Internet TV channels.
Moreover, Imagine800 carries out the integration, management and operation of the different forms of payment for accessing contents (cards, PayPal, SMS Premium, subscriptions, WAP Premium, etc.)