Georeferenced web development

Using cartographic data, obtained via satellite, we create web pages with maps; any type of information may be printed over these maps.

We develop customized applications by integrating them with existing systems to provide our customers the tools they need to update information in a simple and easy manner.

We adapt available geographic information, regardless of type.

The number of applications is virtually limitless. Some examples:

  • GUPs Information (General Urban Plans): with a simple click on the map view the type of land (urban, buildable land, etc.), obtain a detailed report with a plan of action, upload a pdf document with an official slide of the land, etc.
  • Información PGOUs Imagine800

  • Tourism information: on the map can be highlighted any information of interest for the tourist, like the location of museums, hotels, places of interest in the town, etc. All this enriched with multimedia contents, with photos and videos, that enhance the information displayed and allows tourists to become familiarized with the towns, before they visit them.

Desarrollo web georeferenciado Desarrollo web georeferenciado

  • Traffic information: to obtain live traffic information of different roads in the town, occupation level of parking areas/lots, access traffic cameras, etc.

Desarrollo web georeferenciado