Consultancy and technological auditing

We provide our customers the solutions they require to take full advantage of technology and obtain the best business results.
Consultoría y Auditoría tecnológica
We undertake an initial auditing study to identify your infrastructure’s problems, deficiencies and weak points to subsequently propose the alternative architectures and technological solutions you may require.

Our team of engineers specialises in different technologies, among other the following;

  • Telecommunications: VoIP , Videoconference, Messaging, mobile communications, telecommunications expertise and auditing, Premium numbers, 900, 902.
  • Multimedia: IPTV, Video surveillance, access to contents via mobile phones, content management tools.
  • Mobile technologies: New operating systems (iPhone, Google Android), mobile Marketing, entertainment, access to multimedia contents
  • Applied Web Technologies: CRM, georeferenced systems, Customer Support Webs.