Videotelephone for alluded persons

  • Why not see and hear instead of just listening when a famous person (like Belén Esteban in Spain) calls a maximum audience program?
  • A total novelty and gossip breaker in Spain! Ideal for presentation with a sponsor.
  • Like it is done with voice calls, the system is able to filter harmful phone calls, through a moderator.
  • The quality is more than acceptable and sufficient for this type of service, and the voice is the same as a normal phone call.
  • It supports both voice and video calls.
  • Live800 links the webcam world with the mobile world, providing bi-directionality and total interactivity.
  • This service is ideal for client assistance and reservations services, with the option of combining it with canned contents.
  • Other typical applications are the viewing of traffic cameras, beaches, ski stations, remote assistance and remote surveillance, always from anywhere in the world and at any time.