As integrators of multimedia communication technologies, we offer our customers:

  • Campaigns by SMS, MMS, WAP Portals, Bluetooth and 3G Video Portal.
  • High definition
  • Terminals for Multimedia Display Points + Content Managers.
  • Own infrastructure for connectivity with the 3G mobile and WEB world.
  • Development, design, maintenance and housing of 3 G Video Portals.
  • Telecommunications consultancy in any of the following fields:
    • VoIP, videoconference IP and mobile
    • User information systems via voice or SMS
    • Streaming for mobile phones and WEB
    • Integration with video-surveillance systems for monitoring via mobile phone

As provider of contents management services, Imagine800 supplies the following:

  • The dimensioning, management and maintenance of platforms that compose Video Servers, Video Portals, Bluetooth Manager, Gateways H323-SIP-3G, Video IVR, SMS, MMS, WAP, etc.
  • The management of connections with public telecommunication networks (ISDN, UMTS, Internet, etc.), as well as statistics networks.
  • The adaptation and management of contents for optimum access from any type of device.

Imagine800 offers a turnkey service that includes the supply, installation and integration of the whole video infrastructure, maintenance and support.

Modelo de Negocio
Imagine800 is the ideal technological partner to:

  • Assist suppliers of contents make the most of all their communication channels with their customers allowing them to diffuse digital contents to users in a manner that is transparent to their access means (Web, WAP, Streaming, TV, SMS, MMS, e-mail, etc.). In other words, the Multi-channel Portal
  • Assist Contact Centers in the incorporation of new visual communication channels with their customers. In other words, the Video Contact Center
  • Allow companies and public organisms to use new forms of visual communication with their staff, suppliers and customers. In other words, the Videoconference and Streaming Corporate Solutions.
  • Develop interactive applications for iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Symbian, etc.