Services and Demos

Below are several examples of services developed by Imagine800:

1. Tourism Video Portals: targeted towards organisms that promote regions and/or towns as well as chains of tourism establishments, ski stations, etc. With this service it is possible to display advertising videos and guided tours as well as real-time display of cameras on beaches, ski stations, traffic, etc. Example: Video Portal for Infogijón (by video call to 902 013 500)

2. Video Surveillance and Video Control services: by calling a service number, via video call, it will be possible to display the video surveillance and control cameras of a company, a sports centre, private, etc. From a 3G terminal you will be able to see the cameras move and zoom in a specific area to see the area in more detail.

3. Corporate Communication Services: includes multi-conference between several mobile phones and the company’s standard videoconference services as well as the broadcasting of Shareholders Meetings or press releases live via the Web (streaming) or the mobile phone (3 G video call). There are some examples of customers that have implemented and have this system already in operation. Like for example the Employee Video Portal: shows the company’s internal events live and/or recorded, contests and polls, etc. (Example: VODAFONE on 91 837 38 44).

4. Infotainment Services: From Youtube type of video sharing and video messaging services (See Movilisto on 806 499 777), the Tarot (see 806 499 599 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting 806 499 599 end_of_the_skype_highlighting / 806 499 213) or of contents for adults (See 803 499 222).

5. On-call Contests and Games: Although this service falls under Infotainment section it may be highlighted here to stress the great potential this service has for TV channels, both nationwide and local. Examples: The Duende TV (See 806 466 606).

6.TV Programs with video-participation by TV viewers: This service allows a TV viewer to participate in a TV show live and be seen live in the broadcast. Applied in: contests, televised debate programs, social response programs, tourism programs, etc. Normally it requires a moderator and has to be broadcast directly on TV and/or via the web in Internet. Here you will be able to view a real example

7. Advertising products and services: The Promo800 service (VideoPUSH) allows a voice call or a video call, of short duration, to be made to a database containing telephone numbers, with a video advertising a given company’s service or product. In said call or video call information is provided about said product in a summarized form with an invitation to video call a given number to access the full information of the product and even contact the VideoContactCenter or buy the product. This function has enabled us to undertake advertising campaigns like the Real Madrid – Raúl (call or video call 918 38 58 78) or the Johnnie Walker – Pedro Martínez de la Rosa campaign we did for the Valencia F1 Grand Prix. Also: The Mini demo on 918385874

8.TV-teaching applications ranging from real-time distance courses to interactive training manuals, all via mobile phone and Internet.

9. Sales Services: 3G Video Portal for service and product sales. See example via the 806 499 145

10. Live TV: The possibility of feeding the 3G Video Portal with the a live TV broadcast (see the Real Madrid TV on via the 905 015 996) as well as foment TV viewers’ participation with their video-opinions, video-questions, in contests, etc. This is done with videos taped during the week or live during the show broadcast, and with the possibility of participating in the program via 3G mobile phones.