Imagine800 offers its customers a variety of possibilities so that they may offer their services or contents in the Premium modality, i.e. they will receive a payment for the use of said services or contents.

We offer the following modalities:
Números Premium Imagine800

The 803 / 806 / 807 lines

  • The owner the service receives a remuneration for every minute of the call.
  • He is able to check the statistics of use through our web tool.
  • Valid for Premium voice or video call services, and web content downloading using a code provided by us.
  • The payment is carried out by bank transfer, 45 days following the end of the invoiced month.
  • We provide white brand services with contents, for both video call and voice call, with direct assistance included. Our customers need only worry about promoting the number.

Contact us for more information on the terms and remunerations and we will answer as soon as possible.

The 905 Lines

  • The owner receives a remuneration for every call answered.
  • He is able to the statistics of use through our web tool.
  • Our tools enable us to establish competitions, voting and, with the innovative voice to text conversion service, convert a voice message into text (ideal for chat and opinion polls on TV services).

Card payments

Our virtual POS (Point of Sale Terminal) terminal system is the first automatic service of call charge by card with balance reserve and exact charge per seconds of conversation; thus an ideal tool to offer premium voice and video call services through the 902 numbers or geographical numbers.
The system can also be implemented in webs or mobile phone original applications, such as the content or service payment system.

Premium SMS

Our Premium SMS reception and processing platform allows for an easy and immediate launching of the services most demanded by the customers. Among which the following are outstanding:

  • SMA Opinion Polls published on the screen of a television broadcast.
  • System of Micropayments based on the generation of codes.
  • Gateway for the integration of SMSs received with your own applications or databases.
  • System of votes.
  • Contests with one or several chained questions.

Imagine800 provides the contents and applications (melodies, logos, games, videos and other services downloadable on mobile phones) for you to market them among your customers.

With this service you will be able to obtain, in real time, the details and statistics of all the messages received.