Mobile Marketing

The mobile Marketing market is currently experiencing a remarkable growth, and the companies are more and more attributing a great part of their budget to this Marketing’s mobility, to the detriment of the more traditional ones, like the written press, radio or television.

Marketing Móvil Imagine800

Our technology allows our customers to carry out a different kind of mobile Marketing campaign or initiative:

  • Multi-channel Push (SMS/MMS/Voz/Video): Our multi-channel push tool allows for a communication to be forwarded in different formats to a customer database. For example, we are able to set up an advertising campaign that consists in forwarding a video to all the mobile phones with a video call feature, a voice message to all those that do not incorporate this feature and a SMS to those that do not incorporate the voice feature.
    With this tool we are able to create surveys or show real time statistics; all this in the easiest manner and at a lower cost.
  • Mobile sites and Video portals: you will be able to insert your banners in our video portal and sites, and measure the results. Moreover, you will be able to create your own portals to advertise products and services catalogues, enriching them with the multimedia content you may desire.
  • Original applications for SmartPhones: you will be able to insert adverts in our applications or create your own to give it a spectacular way of making your products known, reinforce you brand image, or get to know your customers better.
  • Proximity Marketing: our Bluetooth devices, in backpack or totem format, distribute contents (applications, images, audio and video) for all types of mobile phones. This is the ideal solution to advertise at events, concerts, etc.