Information and Public Organisms

Before the arrival of Internet, the information services offered by public entities or companies was limited to a telephone number, which, if you were lucky, could be obtained with a call that lasted a couple of minutes. Evidently, all this changed with the technological revolution that occurred with the arrival of Internet, Web 2.0, Google, Wikypedia, Mobile Internet, localization services, and many other services. This has drastically changed the way citizens nowadays are able to access information, with more immediate effect, in enhanced formats and in mobility.

Although the options are limitless; below are some real-life examples of the information services we have developed at Imagine800, and others currently under development:

  • Tourism Information Video Portal: By video calling 902 013 500 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting 902 013 500 end_of_the_skype_highlighting to access the InfoGijón video portal, which includes:
    • Access to the city’s webcams
    • 5-day weather forecast
    • Live VideoAttention by an agent of the information service
    • Dozens of videos on places of interest in the city
    • Videopinion
  • IVR: A service similar to the aforementioned with voice call to the same number. Includes the text to speech TTS (Text to Speech) conversion technology with the option of including real time information.
  • Information of the GUP (General Urban Plan) of the Castrillón Town Council: Through the Web any citizen, with a simple click on the map, is able to access information on the type of soil of the town. Depending on the type of soil (urban, or non buildable, buildable, etc.)different colours appear on the map. Moreover, through this website detailed information with official slides of the Town Council in pdf can also be accessed, searches carried out, etc.
  • 3D replays of the towns for tourism and cultural use: We are currently developing different projects for Iphone and Android, for virtual visits of the towns, museums and, in general, places of interest. To make said visits as real as possible and to offer a great amount of information of that specific place we make use of vanguard enhanced reality technologies, 3D design and video streaming.