The entertainment sector is normally the first to benefit from the arrival of a new technology. With the birth of GPRS the uploading of polyphonic ringtones, screensavers or games became “killer applications” producing revenues that amounted to millions of euros. 3G and broadband increases led to the arrival of the video, and the arrival of SmartPhones revolutionized the uploading of applications at each App Store.

At Imagine800 we are aware of this sector’s importance in the market, and to satisfy its demands we draw on our vast expertise and experience in the development of this kind of applications. Some examples:

  • Video portals accessible via video call for the display of canned or live contents. Services of video-dating, video-chat, games, contests, tarot, etc. We have white brand video portals, with licensed contents, available for you to advertise, from the very first day.
  • Mobile TV: on-demand with canned or live contents, regardless of the type of mobile that accesses it.
  • SMS Chat
  • Original applications through SmartPhones: games, contests, canned or live videos, etc.