Vanguard companies take full advantage of state-of-the-art technologies and innovations to improve their internal processes, processes with customers and suppliers and communications.

Imagine800 provides its technology to companies to enable them to be more efficient, productive and to know their customers better. The examples below outline a series of solutions that illustrate how we successfully accomplish these objectives:

  • Mobile CRM: In different mobile operating systems, like Android, Iphone or Blackberry, we develop applications that can be incorporated in your company’s system to optimize your customer relations. The following key objectives are accomplished:
    • Real-time reporting and with total ubiquity of the business activity. Automatic registration of data without the need to undertake time-consuming administrative tasks.
    • Customer information. Take your customers’ data with you, wherever you may go.
    • On-line stock lists. The commercial representative can, at any time, consult product stocks.
    • Orders Management. Improve productivity by optimizing the management of orders which may be carried out directly at the place of sale.
    • Localization. Know at all times where, geographically, your potential business may be located.

Aplicaciones móviles

  • Corporate Videoconference: Our videoconference systems enable companies to save time and money:
    • Increases your personnel’s productivity thanks to the frequency, rapidity and agility of communications within the company.
    • Improvements in communication enhances the feeling of belonging to an organization and increases your staff’s fidelity.
    • Makes it possible to unify methods where, due to the existence of multiple branches, different work methods are implemented.
    • Generates new working methods by promoting interpersonal coordination.
    • Assists in change management processes.


  • Broadcasting events: live broadcasts of company events that may be of interest to all employees, via both mobile phones or the web.